Work area

The Law Office Petrović was founded at the beginning of 2008 by an independent lawyer Adriana Petrović. Later, Jelena Kadum and Jurica Gaćina joined the office. Nowadays this strong and cohesive team represents the Law Office Petrović.
Our area of expertise includes the law of obligations, in particular related to pre-contracts and real estate purchase contracts, all other legal actions preceeding the conclusion of such contracts, as well as those required for their implementation and registration of ownership in the Land Registry. We mostly work with English and German speaking buyers, providing them with legal protection during the whole procedure of real estate acquisition in the Republic of Croatia.
We also specialise in the real estate law and solve all legal issues regarding discrepancies connected to ownership and possession.






Furthermore, our office deals with inheritance law, especially inheritance procedures related to foreign citizens' property in the Republic of Croatia.
Moreover, our office provides all legal services connected with commercial law and procedures regarding the establishment of a company, statutory changes and legal aspects in their management.

Since its establishment, the Law Office Petrović cooperates with foreign natural and legal persons requiring legal assistance in the Republic of Croatia, especially in Istria county. Furthermore, we also obtain residence permits for foreigners in the Republic of Croatia.
The office has two locations. The headquarters are situated at the following address: Partizanska 4/1 (pink office building), Poreč 52440, Croatia. Also, Lawyer Petrović can arrange personal meetings with the German citizens regarding legal issues related to the legal issues in the Republic of Croatia in Frankfurt, Germany.
The Office also participates in civil and criminal procedures and collaborates with competent colleagues, lawyers in these fields.
Lawyer Petrović is registered with the Registry of Mediators of the Republic of Croatia and is a holder of the Croatian Association for Mediation Certificate (basic training). Lawyer Petrović has participated in UIA WORLD FORUM OF MEDIATION CENTRES (international union of lawyers-mediators), held in Portugal in January 2012. She closely collaborates with other lawyers-mediators from EU and non-EU countries.